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Welcome to the Pacific Northwest Audio Society

The Pacific Northwest Audio Society has been dedicated to the exploration and enjoyment of fine music and electronics since its founding in 1978. We're audiophiles and music lovers with diverse backgrounds and a range of interests in music and audio reproduction. Although the Society is based in the Seattle area we serve the entire Northwest region and draw enthusiasts from as far as Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia, for new and exciting audio adventures.

Our membership network includes a number of top audio experts from the Northwest and around the world. Check out our Membership page to learn how you can become a member. For about the price of a latte each month you'll support the Audio Society's ongoing efforts and gain a plethora of benefits for yourself in the process. If you’re in the area, drop in for a meeting and see for yourself what the club is all about.


Tuesday Oct 13th 7:30 pm am at Kirkland Woman's Club - Kevin Wolff of VANA Ltd.

Tuesday October 13th 7:30PM at the Kirkland Woman's Club 407 1st Street, Kirkland, WA 98033 Kevin Wolff of VANA Ltd. will debut the Audio Physic Avanti loudspeaker system. In addition he will talk about and demonstrate progressively higher performance power conditioning from IsoTek. He will provide electronics from Primare, including digital playback electronics. If time permits, it may be possible to play some of your favorite CDs.

Saturday August 29th 10:00 am at Mercer Island - Puget Sound DIY Get-Together Congregational Church, 4545 Island Crest Way, Mercer Island, WA 98040

The event will be held at the Mercer Island Congregational Church, 4545 Island Crest Way (the former PNWAS meeting place.)

Setup begins at 9:30 AM and teardown at 4:30 PM. There will be no food or drinks available, but there are plenty of local restaurants. You may bring items for sale or trade, but are entirely responsible for looking after them. A limited number of tables may be available for this purpose, but better to bring your own.

Featured items, but not limited to, will be Jay Hope's 2.5way MTMs in stunning bubinga wood; Terry Olsen's vacuum tube preamp/headphone amp from TCBA kit and maybe a speaker or two; Gary Dahl's incarnation of Lynn Olsen's "Beyond the Ariel" loudspeaker system with fiberglass LeCleche horns imported from Australia (gorgeous sound); an assortment of two and three-way loudspeaker systems by various Sound DIY members incorporating crossovers designed by the reknown Dave 'Series Network' Rosgaard; several vacuum tube amps of wide-ranging pedigree; several DACs and a music server; a battery powered FET phono preamp, and several home built tables and arms.  Many arrivals will be surprises. This is not a contest, just a great opportunity to hear what our local DIY talent has been up to, and also a chance to hear your creation paired with any number of other components. Check this link for updates and running commentary:

This event is open to both members and non-members, whether or not you have anything to show.

Tuesday September 8th 7:30 pm Definitive Audio Showroom Bellevue

The September 8th meeting of the Pacific Northwest Audio Society will be hosted by Zach Hale, Showroom Manager at Definitive Audio at their 14405 NE 20th Street, Bellevue location.

We will be listening to some of the club's choice systems including the rarely heard Magneplanar 3.7i and the newest Maggies, the .7s.

Meeting will be held at the usual time, 7:30 - 9:30 PM and is open to the public.

Saturday August 22nd 12pm-4pm at Doc Bottlehead

Bottlehead Main Room

                                The Bottlehead main listening room. It sounds as impressive as it looks.

The August meeting of the Pacific Northwest Audio Society will be a special event that takes place at the Bainbridge Island home of Bottlehead. Most of you are no strangers to Bottlehead, as Dan Schmalle (aka Doc B) and his dedicated group of audio fanatics have presented very interesting products at PNWAS events in the past, and are also prominent in the DIY, and Head Fi communities. Dan is also one of the principles in the Tape Project, whose products have been demonstrated at club events and at numerous audio shows around the world. Dan has indicated that the entire Tape Project catalog will be available for our listening pleasure.
Meeting will include some short presentations by Dan, headphone listening stations (also featuring the new “Neothoriator” headphone amp (see photo below) using 845 tubes driving AKG K 1000 ear speakers!!!), and a lot of great music from the custom multi-amped audio system in Bottlehead’s main listening room (see photo above). Bring your significant others for a beautiful road trip to hear some great music on Bainbridge Island. Soft drinks and snacks will be provided, with stronger beverages available a few steps from the venue.


The meeting will be held on Saturday August 22nd, 2015, from 12-4pm. Bottlehead is located at 9415 Coppertop Loop NE, Suite 101, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110. It is approximately three miles from the Bainbridge Island Ferry dock.

Most of you will be taking the ferry from Seattle, or as the locals say “the boat” to Bainbridge Island. See link below for the ferry schedule.

Unfortunately, there was not enough interest in renting a van or bus for club members’ transport to Bainbridge. Look forward to seeing you all on Bainbridge this Saturday afternoon.