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Welcome to the Pacific Northwest Audio Society

The Pacific Northwest Audio Society has been dedicated to the exploration and enjoyment of fine music and electronics since its founding in 1978. We're audiophiles and music lovers with diverse backgrounds and a range of interests in music and audio reproduction. Although the Society is based in the Seattle area we serve the entire Northwest region and draw enthusiasts from as far as Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia, for new and exciting audio adventures.

Our membership network includes a number of top audio experts from the Northwest and around the world. Check out our Membership page to learn how you can become a member. For about the price of a latte each month you'll support the Audio Society's ongoing efforts and gain a plethora of benefits for yourself in the process. If you’re in the area, drop in for a meeting and see for yourself what the club is all about.

Thursday, September 11th, 2014 - Selected Entries From The Puget Sound! DIY Speaker Contest

Our next meeting will feature most of the entries from "The Puget Sound! DIY Speaker Contest" which was held last month! It seems that each time we hold the Contest, the quality of the entries improves and this time was no exception.

One significant difference were the number of three-way speakers that were entered. A total of four entries were 3-way designs! There have been several times in the past when there weren't any three way designs entered at all. I might add that they placed in the top brackets of the contest, an indication that they were indeed living up to their sonic potential!

There were also several 2-way speakers that sounded quite nice as well. BTW:from our young friend, Will Jennings...a single driver speaker in a very attractive cabinet (and it also sounds very nice!).

We believe that you'll be amazed how well these speakers actually sound in the Club's system. We also intend to have as close to the same system as we used in the Judging Room. This is one of the fun meeting where you can see what some of the members have been doing.

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